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2019. “Economic Hardship and Social Capital in Europe. A Comparative Analysis of 27 Democracies”, accepted for publication in the European Journal of Political Research, with Markus Freitag.

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2016. “What Do We Know About the Demand for Evaluation? Insights from the Parliamentary Arena”, American Journal of Evaluation 37(4): 522-541. [Link] [Paper]

–> Winner of the 2016 Young Scholar Award of the German Evaluation Society

2016. “Forschung über Evaluation in der Schweiz: Stand und Aussichten”, LeGes – Gesetzgebung und Evaluation 27(3), with Thomas Widmer et al. [Link] [Paper]


2019. “Milizarbeit in der Schweiz”, Zürich: NZZ Libro, with Markus Freitag and Martina Flick Witzig. [Link]

Book Chapters

2019. “La professionnalisation dans les parlements cantonaux”, in: Andrea Pilotti and Oscar Mazzoleni (eds.). Milice et professionnalisation. Neuchâtel: Editions Alphil, with Daniela Eberli and Sarah Bütikofer.

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Working Papers

“Does Evaluation Quality Enhance Evaluation Use?”, with Thomas Widmer and Kathrin Frey.

“Do Policy Attributes Matter? A Policy-Centred Approach to European Integration”, Michael A. Strebel.

“The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? Policy Preferences and Party Switching in Parliaments”, with Elisa Volpi and Laura Gatto.

“Personality and Ideological Positions of Political Candidates”, with Kathrin Ackermann.

“A Policy-Centred Approach to Inter-Municipal Cooperation”, with Michael A. Strebel.

“Are Poor People Less Likely to Run for Political Office?”, with Reto Wuest.

“Attitudes towards Immigrants, Immigration Policies and Political Trust”, with Sophie Ruprecht.

“Evaluation and Citizens: Reflections on a Future Research Agenda”, with Valérie Pattyn.