Work in Progress

Working Papers

“Does Evaluation Quality Enhance Evaluation Use?” (with Thomas Widmer and Kathrin Frey) – Invited to Revise and Resubmit

“Do Policy Attributes Matter? A Policy-Centred Approach to European Integration” (with Michael A. Strebel) [Paper]

“The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? Policy Preferences and Party Switching in Parliaments”, with Elisa Volpi.

“Economic Crisis and Social Capital in Europe”, with Markus Freitag.

“Personality and Ideological Positions of Political Candidates”, with Kathrin Ackermann.


Working Books

“Das politische Kapital der Schweiz. Entwicklung und Zukunft des Milizwesens”, with Markus Freitag and Martina Flick.